Producer Reveals The Specific Reason Why People Love BTS and Their Songs

BTS’s producer, Pdogg, revealed the secret behind BTS’s incredible success, at least in so far as their music is concerned.

Pdogg, the executive producer of Big Hit Entertainment revealed that they were able to produce BTS because there is no one who dislikes music in their company.

He revealed that the love for music is what enabled BTS’s success.

“BTS members come to the studio to work on their songs even after they had their schedules late in the night. No one asked them to do that. They are able to produce music proactively because they truly love music.”

— Pdogg

Pdogg explained that he created alternative lessons for BTS so that they could learn everything about hip-hop through and through.

“Some members had extensive understanding of hip-hop and some member had less. So I taught them to learn hip hop naturally with their bodies and ears.”

— Pdogg

An atmosphere in which the members of BTS could fall in love with music naturally was crucial.

“Rather than forcing them to like or memorize hip-hop, I created an atmosphere where they could just love it. We spent time listening to hip-hop, from the old to the new, and talked about it together.”

— Pdogg

Their authenticity and honesty as channeled through their love of music and sheer devotion to the craft, Pdogg believes, is why fans love them so much.

“They all love music. And they speak about their own stories in their songs. They are honest and I think that is what makes BTS special. I think this is why fans are able to emphasize with BTS and their songs.”

— Pdogg

Source: No Cut News