Producer Ryan Jhun Under Fire For Using A Derogatory Term For Girl Groups On A Community Forum

The gallery he was active in is known to look down on female idols.

Producer Ryan Jhun has come under fire recently for his use of a derogatory term on a DC Gallery for female idols. The DC Gallery in question is an online community that is known by netizens to be one that consistently looks down upon female idols and circulates rumors about them.

A netizen had created a post to question if Ryan Jhun was short on money, given how he was producing for many female idols recently. The netizen had used the derogatory term, boj-dol, in the post. It was found that Ryan Jhun left the comment “I seem to (produce) well for boj-dols“, which many naturally took offense to. Boj-dol is a term that combines the offensive word for the vagina and the word for idol. It is a derogatory term that refers to female idols.

The comment was left under his username that is well known to netizens and fans. He has since issued an apology via Twitter, claiming that he did not know it was a bad word and had simply re-used the phrase as in the original post.

Prior to his apology, he had claimed it was a typo when the matter was brought to his attention. The tweet reply has now been deleted.

Ryan Jhun has produced for many girl groups including Weeekly, Cosmic Girls, OH MY GIRL and more. He has also famously produced for EXO, NCT and more.


Source: theqoo