Producer Ryan Jhun Praises NCT’s Doyoung And Haechan For Their Hard Work On “Maniac”

They took it as seriously as if it were their own album!

Producer and songwriter Ryan Jhun had nothing but praise for NCT‘s Doyoung and Haechan for their hard work on the song “Maniac.”

In a recent interview with Edaily reporter Kim Hyun Sik, Jhun explained that when developing the song, NCT was the first group to come to mind: “NCT is the first group I thought of when I finished writing ‘Maniac.'”

| @ryanjhun/Twitter

The producer took time to thank SM Entertainment for giving him another opportunity to work with NCT as well as to thank Doyoung and Haechan for their enthusiasm and effort.

I want to thank Doyoung and Haechan again, through this interview. They both had packed schedules, but still showed up to my studio to record…Both of them must have been super exhausted. But as soon as we started recording, they became extremely enthusiastic. They got really serious and dedicated about it as if they’re recording a track for their own album.

— Ryan Jhun

Jhun has worked with NCT previously on tracks like NCT 127‘s “Kick It” and NCT DREAM‘s “My First And Last.” As someone who works frequently with the group and its members, he praised their work ethic and said their efforts inspired him as well.

It’s that kind of responsibility that makes NCT who they are. I was honestly so touched. It inspired me to keep working hard too.

— Ryan Jhun

NCT DREAM sent Jhun a signed copy of their single album The First which included the song “My First And Last.” | @ryansjhun/Instagram

“Maniac” was released on August 12 and is the first installment in Jhun’s MAXIS project. Check out the music video below!

Source: Naver, Twitter and Instagram


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