Producer Suga Is Coming Back Soon And ARMY Can’t Wait

He’s working with some of his musical heroes.

Suga promised ARMY at the start of the lunar new year that he was going to be stepping up his producing game this year and he’s already off to an amazing start. He co-wrote and featured as an artist in “Song Request” by legendary soloist LeeSoRa. The beautiful song was well-received by almost everyone.

This wasn’t Suga’s first venture into creating music, he’s been assisting in writing lyrics for most of BTS’s songs for years and he’s contributed a lot to the composition and arrangement of music as well such as for his mixtape “Agust D” and more recently his solo song on Love Yourself: Answer, “Trivia: Seesaw”.

At the Melon Music Awards 2017, Suga even took home an award for his production as he and Suran won the “hot trend” award for Suran’s song “Wine” which was partially produced by Suga.

Now Suga has returned once more and he’s collaborating with his heroes, Epik High. The hip-hop trio is releasing an album entitled “sleepless in _______” and Suga is helping produce one of the songs on the album.

Epik High released the track-list for their album and sure enough producer Suga will be making a comeback. Suga is assisting in the arrangement and composition of the song “Eternal Sunshine”. Just like every song Suga produces, we’re sure it will be amazing.

“sleepless in _______” will be releasing on the 11th of March at 6PM KST.