This Producer And TV Personality Lost 70 Pounds And Now He Is The Definition Of HOT

His transformation is drastic.

Music producer turned television personality Yoo Jae Hwan showed off the fruits of his labor after losing a staggering 32 kilograms (70 pounds) thanks to a strict diet and exercise regiment.

Yoo Jae Hwan was normally unable to exercise much due to suffering from a back disc and gout. He even had hypersensitivity and irritable bowel syndrome, which meant that it was difficult to take medications to help suppress his appetite.

He explained that he was concerned about eating too much, and that because he was a celebrity, his lifestyle was too irregular compared to a normal person.

With his goals of “want to show my mother a healthier me” and “I want to challenge to be a great ballad singer”, he was able to succeed with his diet.

The before and after photos of him prove such a change, with his stomach becoming much flatter, and his jawline becoming slimmer.

Koreans are sharing their support for his transformation, calling it even the best ever.

  • Wow, this is really the best before and after in history.
  • With Juvis, he really lost a lost, I acknowledge this!
  • Wow this is so great.
  • It’s really not easy to lose that much weight, I hope he stays healthy and can continue with his promotions well.
  • No matter how much of an ad this is, it’s still incredible.
  • The greatest plastic surgery is dieting, good job Yoo Jae Hwan.
Source: Donga Ilbo