[★TRENDING] Producers of Taeyeon’s “11:11” under fire for alleged plagiarism

The producers of Taeyeon‘s newest track “11:11” have come under fire for allegedly plagiarizing other artists for the song. 

A popular YouTube channel highlighting plagiarized music targeted “11:11” and its producers Christian Vinten and Chelcee Grimes for plagiarizing the chord progressions of the song from other artists’ tracks. Comparing the track’s instrumentals to Artist vs. Poet‘s “Kids Again” and Jordin Sparks’s “One Step At A Time,” the video claims that the producers ripped off the two songs.

After listening to the comparisons made in the video, many fans have left comments agreeing with the accusations that the only difference in the instrumentals of the parts in “11:11” and the other two songs were the octaves of the tracks. Check out the video to see for yourself:

Watch the full music video of Taeyeon’s “11:11” below: