Producers of “Street Man Fighter” Criticized for Making “Sexist” Comments

Netizens have taken to social media to express their objections.

Producers behind Street Man Fighter are currently under fire for comments about female participants of the hit survival series Street Woman Fighter, and some have interpreted the words as sexist.

In a press conference for “Street Man Fighter,” chief producer Kwon Yeong Chan stated that the show’s distinction from Street Woman Fighter was that the male participants “displayed loyalty and pride more often.” In contrast, the female participants exhibited mainly “jealousy and greed.”

Street Woman Fighter participants in a dance battle | MNET

The show’s producer and director, Choi Jeong Nam, also pointed out his view on the difference between the male and female participants.

We really focused on shooting the dance battle scenes. The power that the male dancers display is certainly different.

I think that the audience will be touched by the solidarity and friendships of the male participants. We hope to successfully reflect these narratives on the screen.

—Choi Jeong Nam

These comments did not sit well with the public, and many have shared their sentiments that Kwon Yeong Chan and Choi Jeong Nam were expressing gender stereotypes.
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“Jealousy, greed is something everyone has, what are they saying?”
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“What era does those levels of intelligence come from? When women work hard with passion, they’re vicious bitches but when men do it they’re diligent and skilled.”

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“Ugh are you still living with the mindset that girls are always in the midst of jealousy?”

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“When women have competitiveness, is it jealousy and greed, and when men have a desire to compete, is it pride? There are all sorts of idiots out there.”

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“Did you guys undertake SWF with this kind of mindset? What are Jealousy and greed? They joined and worked hard to help the dance scene do well.”

This is not the first time Street Man Fighter embroiled in sexist controversies. One of the participating teams, Local Champs, recently uploaded a dance cover of NewJeans‘ “Hype Boy” and was criticized for their exaggerated movements that bordered on mockery.

The said cover was eventually deleted from Local Champs’ social media account after receiving so much criticism but can still be viewed on Twitter.

Street Man Fighter is a spin-off from the highly successful Street Woman Fighter, a dance competition survival show which aired from August to October 2021. Street Woman Fighter‘s high ratings sparked new interest in street dancing and paved the way for another successful spin-off, Street Dance Girls Fighter, which aired from November 2021 to January 2022.

Street Dance Girls Fighter | MNET
Source: Producers of 'Street Man Fighter' under fire for 'sexist' comments