Produce X 101’s Kim Wooseok Ranks No.1 On Non-Drama Popularity Ranking

The Produce X 101 trainees are becoming hot commodities!

According to Good Data CorporationProduce X 101 contestant Kim Wooseok has ranked No.1 on the Non-Drama Popularity Ranking for the 3rd week of May 2019 at 31.66%.


In fact, 9 out of the Top 10 were contestants of Produce X 101 with Kim Wooseok topping the list, followed by Kim Yohan, Kim Mingyu and Song Hyeongjun.


Kim Wooseok made a huge impression on viewers in the latest episode of the program with his performance of EXO‘s “Love Shot”.


Kim Wooseok is a trainee from TOP Media and is also a member of UP10TION who goes by the name Wooshin.


He began in 5th place on the Produce X 101 ranking and is currently in 6th place.


Check out Kim Wooseok’s performance of EXO’s “Love Shot” below!


Source: Dispatch