Photos Of This Produce X 101 Contestant Have Been Going Viral For His “Boyfriend Shots”

His popularity is on the rise.

Photos of trainee Kim Yohan from Produce X 101, who is currently ranked No.1, have been going viral.


Kim Yohan finished in 3rd place during the first week of Produce X 101.


He made an impression with the audience through his performance of SE7EN‘s “Come Back To Me” wearing rollerskate sneakers…


And also through his impressive karate background.


By the second week, Kim Yohan managed to climb the rankings to 1st place.


With the rise in his popularity, netizens grew more and more interested in his daily life as well.


Kim Yohan, who only has 3 months of experience as a trainee, is a student of the Department of Physical Education at Sangmyung University.


With stunning visuals on top of his extraordinary skills, Kim Yohan’s photos have recently been going viral through social media.


At 181cm tall, he has won two National Taekwondo Boys’ competitions…


And is known for his resemblance to Nam Joo Hyuk.


Check out more photos of Kim Yohan below:

Source: Dispatch