Former “Produce X 101” Contestant Lee Hyeop Becomes Woollim Entertainment Trainee

He’s found an agency to call home!

Former Produce X 101 contestant, Lee Hyeop, has recently signed with Woollim Entertainment and officially become a Woollim trainee.


Woollim Entertainment shared the news on their official Twitter page on July 29.

Translation: “Hello. This is Woollim Rookie. Lee Hyeop, who showed great things on Produce X 101, has joined Woollim Rookie. We will introduce new and exciting news about Lee Hyeop at Woollim Rookie into the future. Thank you for your support.”


Lee Hyeop participated in Produce X 101 as an individual trainee.


He was unfortunately eliminated after he ranked #24 and was unable to debut through the program.


With his cute visuals and charismatic voice, Lee Hyeop gained a large following during his appearance on the program.

Congratulations to Lee Hyeop!

Source: Dispatch