These Three Produce X 101 Contestants Were Spotted At The Movies Eating “Pikachu Popcorn Combo”

They were spotted on an outing together.

Produce X 101 contestants Nam Dohyun, Lee Hangyul and Kim Youngsang were spotted enjoying each other’s company at the movies.

All three contestants are known to be trainees of MBK Entertainment.


The three trainees proceeded to the counter and ordered some snacks at the snack corner.


Not long after, Lee Hangyul could be seen holding a cup with a Pikachu cap.


Nam Dohyun was also spotted eating popcorn holding the drink with a Pikachu character cap.


What they ordered was the “Pokemon Detective Pikachu Combo”, which was a promotion that Megabox was holding in celebration of the movie.


In fact, Kim Youngsang was apparently a huge Pikachu fan. He had even worn a Pikachu costume for his 1-minute promotional video for Produce X 101.


The trainees then headed to the arcade corner and enjoyed various games.


Seeing the trainees in a different setting after watching them only through the program, fans are falling in love with them all over again!

Source: Dispatch