Produce X 101’s Starship Trainees Go On “Subway Ad Tour”

They had smiles from ear to ear!

Produce X 101‘s Starship Entertainment trainees have been gaining attention for their recent “subway ad tour”.

On June 24th, Starship Entertainment shared videos and clips of Goo Jungmo, Moon Hyunbin, Ham Wonjin, Kang Minhee and Song Hyungjun as they embarked on a tour of the ads that fans provided for them in the subways.

Translation: “We are happy we were able to see the support and love from the nation’s producers. We will continue to do our best! Thank you for your interest and support.”


The trainees had apparently taken their time to contemplate about the post-it notes they would leave to their fans.


And after leaving notes, they sent lots and lots of hearts to fans for all of their support and love.


As usual, their visuals were absolutely stunning in all the revealed photos!


Moon Hyunbin, who ranked No.32 in last week’s trainee ranking, unfortunately, did not make the cut in the second round of eliminations.


Meanwhile, the other Starship trainees all ranked within the top 30 and are still competing on the program.


Check out more photos of the Starship trainees below:





Source: Twitter