Fans Begged Produce X 101 Trainer To Favor Their Bias, Here’s How She Responded

She made her point clear and direct.

Fans continuously sent Produce X 101 trainer Bae Yoon Jeong messages asking her to favor their bias on the show, so she shared a post in response.

On May 9, Bae Yoon Jeong uploaded a Tweet captioned, “You guys keep asking me to favor so and so or take care of your pick but if you keep doing this, I start to care less and not favor your pick. Ok?”


She also responded to other comments made by viewers of the program and clearly expressed her opinions in a simple and easy-to-understand way.


The way she responded to her Tweet was much like her character on the show. Bae Yoon Jeong is known for being a dance trainer who does not hesitate to say harsh comments for the sake of the trainees.


On the other hand, she has also shown moments that prove that she also has one of the warmest hearts and in the end, always won the favor of her students.



Source: Dispatch