The Production Team For K-Drama “Little Women” Apologizes After Being Hit With Allegations Of Plagiarism Over Drama Poster

“These are too similar! They didn’t use the poster as a reference; they copied them.” 

Previously we reported on the new K-Drama Little Women, which received rave reviews after only two episodes. The drama, led by Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, and Squid Game actor Wi Ha Joon, achieved an audience rating of 7.7% in just the drama’s first week.

Ratings for Little Women by week | Naver

Unfortunately for the drama, their goodwill with audiences hit a snag after it was alleged that the drama’s poster copied a 2016 marketing poster by Japanese beauty brand Shiseido.

The two posters show women walking on top of a pastel border. The pastel border is exaggerated in both posters, taking up much of the poster.

Poster for Little Women | tvN

2016 Poster for Shiseido | Shiseido

Netizens had originally called out the drama for the poster’s uncanny similarities to Shiseido’s poster.

  • “Even the colors are similar. They are going to need to explain themselves.”
  • “These are too similar! They didn’t use the poster as a reference; they copied them.”

The tvN drama’s production team explained that the poster was an original concept but apologized for not checking more thoroughly.

The poster illustrates the three sisters walking towards a brighter future and was used as a teaser poster for the drama. The design team made the poster after several deliberations. We will be thorough in the future and be careful not to let this happen again.

— Little Women’s production team

Netizens lambasted the production team, calling the poster an outright copy and that it was embarrassing.

  • “I see this happening more often these days. If this continues, it will have a negative impact on Korea’s cultural contents.”
  • “It’s too similar.”
  • “Even the outfits are similar.”
  • “Are you guys crazy?”
  • “There is no doubt about it.”
  • “To add insult to injury, the drama’s poster is worst.”
  • “Please be more cautious when you use references.”

What are your thoughts on the issue?

Source: Wikitree and Money Today