A Professional Gamer Was Bashed By His Team’s Fans For Loving (G)I-DLE Too Much

They think he should focus less on (G)I-DLE and more on his play.

Flandre is a Chinese League of Legends player who plays for Snake Esports, a very popular team in China. The team isn’t doing so good right now, having won only one of their six games so far in the league.

After their most recent loss, Snake’s fans took to social media to bash Flandre’s performance. Some fans pointed to his love of (G)I-DLE as the reason for his poor performances. They said that he should stop “idol chasing” and focus on practising.

Flandre responded to these hateful comments in a hilarious manner on his Weibo account. He made a post with the caption “Why do you think idol chasing affects me? Why can’t I just be bad?” accompanied by a picture of Yuqi looking confused. He says it’s not (G)I-DLE’s fault that he’s been playing bad, he’s just bad.

Flandre is a huge (G)I-DLE fan. His profile picture on Weibo is a picture of the group and he shares a ton of posts about the group. His fans don’t seem to be happy with him but he seems happy to be a fan of (G)I-DLE and nobody can get in the way of his love for the group.

Perhaps (G)I-DLE can inspire Flandre and Snake to better results in the future.