Professional Photographers Recall The Worst Situation That Has Ever Happened To Them While Shooting Idols

It might make your skin crawl!

No profession in this world is easy, and the same goes for photography.

In AYO‘s recent “Comment Defenders” video, two professional photographers dished on the celebrity with the best skin in real life and why BLACKPINK‘s Lisa stands out from other idols. They also revealed their worst experience on the job.

The guests were Bae Gang Woo, who has 8 years of experience, and Han Man Hee, who has 10 years of experience.

Bae Gang Woo (Left) and Han Man Hee (Right) | @AYO/YouTube

When asked about their biggest emergency on the job, they recalled a particularly horrifying day. They had just finished photographing a K-Pop group when their worst nightmare took place.

You may have guessed it—all of the photos from the shoot had accidentally gotten deleted.

Bae Gang Woo explained that they had done everything in their power to retrieve the photos, but their efforts were to no avail. Everything they had was already permanently deleted.

Unfortunately, this also meant that they had no choice but to pay penalties to the idol group’s company.

On the bright side, this horrifying situation only happened to them once! They’ve had numerous successful concert and advertisement shoots with K-Pop stars, such as one with BTS for the online shopping company Tokopedia.

BTS in their Tokopedia advertisement | Han Man Hee

You can watch the entire video below:

Source: AYO 에이요 and Dispatch
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