Professional Waxers Reveal If Male Idols Wax The Hair On Their Legs

Here’s what they said.

Have you ever noticed the nearly hairless legs of your favorite male idols?

At first glance, it’s extremely difficult to see a single strand of hair!

In an episode of AYO‘s “Comment Defenders” series, professional estheticians Sukjeong and Jin from House Waxing explained that most male idols choose to have their legs waxed. Here’s why!

Sukjeong (left) and Jin (right).

One of the netizen questions they read aloud was about male idols’s leg hair. The netizen added that it’s “weird” they don’t appear to have any.

Male idols have no leg hair. Where do they get it done…at a salon? Isn’t it weird if they don’t have any? Or is it just me?

— Netizen question, “AYO”

According to Sukjeong, it’s harder on the eyes to see a lot of hair on the legs.

A lot of people think that it would be weird if it’s hairless, but it’s actually weirder if there’s hair, and it doesn’t look as weird if there isn’t any.

— Sukjeong

When asked by a staff member if they leave some hair on purpose, they clarified that it isn’t possible to thin it out.

Instead, Jin shared an insider tip. She revealed that waxing regularly can help hair grow thinner and softer: “If hairless legs look bad, they can wax periodically. It can improve the hair, and it gets thinner and softer.

This is why many idols choose to wax constantly weeks before their comeback, then grow their hair a little during comeback season.

Before a comeback, they wax it constantly, and if they grow it out a little when they come back, it looks pretty in a natural way.

— Jin

She insisted that idols aren’t required to wax, but they personally choose to.

It’s not that they have to wax just because they’re idols, but it can create a synergy effect that suits their preference and timing of their comeback.

— Jin

Sukjeong ended by sharing the beauty of waxing: “Not waxing is beautiful, but you’d be more beautiful if you do.”

Watch the full video below.

Source: AYO