Here’s What Professional Waxers Really Think Whenever They Wax Idols

In case you were wondering!

Both male and female idols regularly frequent waxing salons, especially in the weeks leading up to their comeback. If you’ve ever wondered what female estheticians think when they wax an idol, then Sukjeong and Jin from House Waxing have you covered!

Sukjeong (left) and Jin (right).

In a recent episode of AYO‘s “Comment Defenders”, a netizen asked this common question to the both of them.

What do waxers think when they wax idols? Do they think of nothing since it’s work?

— Netizen question, “AYO”

They immediately cried out, “We don’t think of anything!

Jin explained that they have numerous customers every day, so they are no longer affected by an idol’s presence. She simply feels awe at their good looks, comparing them to mannequins.

We see about ten people every day, so if they’re lying down in bed, they look like mannequins.

— Jin

Nodding her head, Sukjeong agreed with Jin, further explaining how she would usually compliment their beauty in her mind.

When I see their face, I think ‘Oh, they’re pretty‘. And then I think, ‘How should I pull this out? How’s the skin?

— Sukjeong

Personally, Jin thinks of how she can make the experience less painful for them: “How can I make it less painful? These are the first things that come to my mind.”

To end, Sukjeong and Jin exclaimed in unison, “Work is work!

Check out the full video below to learn more of their secrets!

Source: AYO