Promise By BTS Jimin Is Exploding In Popularity

Everyone loves Jimin’s vocal masterpiece.

“Promise” which was released by Jimin of BTS to herald in the new year, is exploding in popularity right now.

The song was released on Soundcloud and since then it has come to dominate on the platform.

Soundcloud themselves have been assisting in getting traffic for the song.

Shortly after being released, the song hit number one on Soundcloud in France, Germany and Canada  just to name a few. It cracked the top 10 in the United States incredibly quickly which is very impressive for a song that received no promotion before being released.

Since then, it has risen to number 3 in the United States and is now the song being streamed the most in the United Kingdom. Promise maintains its spot as the global number one also.

In just a few days, Jimin’s vocal masterpiece has already achieved 13.4 million streams. It’s catching up to the rap line’s “Ddaeng” rapidly.

As you can see, Promise is a huge hit and is almost the most streamed BTS song on Soundcloud already!

“I’m impressed by BTS Jimin’s composition. Thank you for the gift on the last day of 2018 that I’ll never forget”

“BTS Jimin, I can’t sleep, your voice is so addictive that you can listen and listen to it over and over again without never ending. Thank you, it’s an amazing gift!”

“Jimin thank you for giving me such a beautiful gift during my busy time, love you always”

“Jimin I can hear the song playing in my ears, thank you for giving me this song, let’s last long!”

“It’s a really relaxing and healing song Jimin! Thank you so much for the song BTS Jimin!


There are some comments made by Korean netizens about Promise. The song is a huge hit at home and abroad!