Here Is Proof Of How Devoted GOT7’s Yugyeom Is To Dancing And Choreographing

His talent and passion for dancing and choreographing is evident.

It is undeniable how skilled GOT7‘s maknae and main dancer, Yugyeom, is when it comes to dancing and choreographing.

| JYP Entertainment

From releasing his own choreographed dances on social media, to participating in the official choreography of GOT7 songs like “THURSDAY” and “Crash & Burn”, Yugyeom clearly has a talent and passion for choreography. So much so that in THE STAR magazine’s “The Star Diary” video featuring Yugyeom, it was revealed that he had revised the choreography for JUS2‘s “FOCUS ON ME” 15 times!

And when you combine his choreography and dance skills, you get gems like his two Hit The Stage performances.

Yugyeom won Hit The Stage with these two incredible performances, further cementing his reputation as an exceptional dancer and choreographer. And now, Yugyeom continues to prove his skills with his recent dance visual video “FRANCHISE” for AOMG.

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Keep dancing, Yugyeom!