Here’s Literal Proof That EXO’s Kai Made Legend During Their “Love Shot” Promotions

King Kai does it again!

Remember back in 2018 when EXO debuted a blessing, called “Love Shot”, to the world? Legends have it that Kai was the cherry on top for their highly successful promotions.

And with one GIF you’ll be reminded why… 😉

But there’s literal proof that EXO’s Kai made legend that very year. He’s achieved the title of having not just one but three fan cams garner over 4 million views!

That’s right! Not just MV but fancams!

But these insanely high views aren’t that surprising… Kai was a thirst trap for EXO-Ls all over the world with one simple move!

And he’ll forever go down in history as the “Love Shot” icon!

Start your week right with a medley of Kai’s “Love Shot” vibes:

Source: Nate Pann