Netizens Find Proof Seungri Was Present At Burning Sun On The Day Of Assault

Netizens found proof that he was at the club that day.

BIGBANG Seungri‘s club, Burning Sun, has been under high scrutiny after the CEO, named Mr. Jang, physically assaulted one of the customers. The customer was then brutally assaulted by corrupt policemen who allegedly have personal ties with the employees of Burning Sun.


As Seungri’s knowledge of the assault was questioned, fans discovered alleged proof that Seungri was actually at the club on the night that it happened.

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon had uploaded a photo of herself posing with Seungri onto Instagram.


Netizens quickly noticed that the date she uploaded the photo matched the day the crime was committed: November 24, 2018. Mr. Kim, the victim of the assault, claimed that the incident occurred in the early morning of Saturday, November 24.


An old promotional timetable from Burning Sun showed that Hyoyeon indeed performed at the club right as Friday (23rd) turned to Saturday (24th). That would mean that about 6 hours after Hyoyeon’s performance, the assault took place right outside of the club.


Netizens and fans alike have expressed their disappointment after discovering Hyoyeon’s post with Seungri.

  • “There’s no way for the owner to not know when even the police were called in..”
  • “Seungri is unbelievable. Even his family’s identities have been released on TV, so why does he act like this?”
  • “YG is really something wow… Isn’t this just gangster sh*t? How is he different from the American gangsters we see on TV and the criminals who aren’t even human???”
  • “Fans kept claiming that Seungri wasn’t there that day but Hyoyeon’s Instagram proved he was there right on that day ㅋㅋ”
  • “He held his birthday party there even though he knew what happened??”
  • “Seungri, just retire ㅋㅋ”
  • “How can the owner not know? Seungri probably knows best what kind of place a club is and how to run it.”

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