Proof That “Single’s Inferno 2” Star Kim Se Jun Is Literally The Webtoon Male Lead Of Our Dreams

He’s the main character!

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We all dream of meeting the man of our dreams… But sometimes, it seems like he only exists in K-Dramas or Webtoons.

Su Ho in “True Beauty” | Naver Webtoon

Well, for Single’s Inferno star Lee So E, that’s not the case.

“Single’s Inferno 2” cast reacting to Se Jun

Lee So E originally faced rejection from Jo Yoong Jae in Inferno. She was heartbroken, but Kim Se Jun appeared later in the series like a knight in shining armor.

Se Jun is not just handsome AF. He demonstrated all five Love Languages to So E, which already set the bar high.

Netizens have since also noticed that he exhibited mannerisms like Webtoon male leads.

Se Jun has an adorable habit of covering his face whenever he blushes or gets flustered. It’s just like that of male leads in Webtoons, animes, etc.


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Fans also noticed similarities to that of a specific manhwa (Korean comics and print cartoons) character: Kang Tae Moo from Business Proposal, who is portrayed by Ahn Hyo Seop in the K-Drama adaptation.

Ahn Hyo Seop as Kang Tae Moo | SBS

Se Jun and Tae Moo have the same habit of stroking the left side of their hair!


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Se Jun might not be a rich CEO, but a tailor is just as cool. He’s definitely a male lead IRL!

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