Prosecution Demands Rapper Black Nut 1-Year Sentence For KittiB’s Lawsuit

He may be going to jail.

KittiB has previously charged Rapper Black Nut with sexual harassment for the lyrics in his song, which specifically targeted her.

KittiB to take legal action against Black Nut for sexually derogatory lyrics about her


The lawsuit was filed after Black Nut continued to write about KittiB when she had requested for him to stop.

“Please do not write lyrics like that anymore.”


KittiB was referring to Black Nut’s song, “Indigo Child”, whose lyrics contained sexual references to her:

“I’ll be honest. I jacked off to KittiB’s picture, but that was before ‘Unpretty Rapstar’. I wouldn’t screw KittiB if she was given to me for free.” ㅡ Black Nut’s “Indigo Child”


Despite KittiB’s plea for him to stop, the rapper mentioned KittiB again in another one of his tracks:

“I’m laying down 2017, ready to f**k a girl worth masturbating to, but this time it isn’t KittiB…” ㅡ Black Nut’s “Too Real”


Moreover, he had apparently continued to offend KittiB on stage through his songs and performance.


The final hearing of KittiB’s lawsuit against Black Nut was held at the Seoul Central District Court on October 18 where Black Nut’s attorney stated that Black Nut’s actions were simply a part of hip-hop.

“As a well-known hip-hop artist, the defendant is also having a difficult time. Even if [the plaintiff] was offended, it remains questionable whether it is something to be punished for and I cannot help but consider the defendant’s status as a popular artist.” ㅡ Black Nut’s Attorney


Black Nut claims that he did not intend to belittle KittiB and expressed his regrets.

“It’s true that I wrote the lyrics but I did not deliberately offend her. There was no intention of insult. It is unfortunate that people have taken my lyrics in a way that I did not intend for it to be understood. Regardless of my intent, I feel responsible for causing a social controversy. I will become a sincere musician for my future activiites.” ㅡ Black Nut


Nonetheless, prosecution has demanded 1 year of prison with two years of probation at the hearing.

Meanwhile, Black Nut will reportedly be sentenced on November 29 at the Seoul Central District Court.

Source: Kookje News and MK Sports