Prosecution Requests 10 Year Prison Sentence For Girls’ Generation Yuri’s Brother, Kwon Hyuk Jun

Prosecution requested he get the longest prison sentence.

The full details of the prosecution’s requests for the group of 5 men who were tried together for their crimes of gang rape and filming and distribution of sex videos has been released.

According to the prosecution’s requests following November 13th’s trial, the lengths of prison time for Jung Joon Young, Choi Jonghoon, Kwon Hyuk Jun, Burning Sun MD “Kim”, and former entertainment agency employee “Heo” have been announced.

Prosecution requested for Jung Joon Young to receive 7 years in prison. Both Choi Jonghoon and former entertainment agency employee “Heo” were given 5 years. Burning Sun MD “Kim” and Kwon Hyuk Jun were requested to serve 10 years in prison, the longest of the 5 men in the joint trial.

Kwon Hyuk Jun is known to both Korean and International fans as the older brother of Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri. He even made an appearance on Season 2 of Mnet‘s variety show I Can See Your Voice, where Yuri sent in a video message of support.

Kwon Hyuk Jun admitted fault and hoped that this incident does not harm his family.

Everything is my fault, my negligence, I feel the weight of my crimes every day. I did not intend to cause harm by using force or violence.

I will live my life with the fact that my fiancee, my family, my sister who is a public figure, have to split the blame for my crimes and that I have inflicted permanent damage that I can’t wash away.

— Kwon Hyuk Jun

Prosecution have sent their requests to the jury, and now are awaiting any defense by the legal counsel of the defendants, before the jury makes their final decision.

Source: MK Sports