Prostitute Tries To Sell Sex To Male Idol, But He Exposed Her Online

His response was perfect.

Veteran idol Song Baek Kyoung of 1TYM exposed a girl, after she tried sell herself to him through Facebook Messenger.

Going by the name Shin Minhee, she messaged him as a regular person looking for a friend. But suddenly, she takes the conversation into a weird direction as she asks Baek Kyoung to “take care of her”.

A translated copy of the original conversation between the two.

Baek Kyoung initially believed that she knew he was a celebrity, as his Facebook profile contained multiple public photos of himself with YG Entertainment artists. However, Minhee only became more direct as she listed her hours and fee.

Once he realized her true intentions, Baek Kyoung sent her a hilarious message back.

When she started listing her price, Baek Kyoung responded with a hilarious message.

Baek Kyoung revealed that ever since his punny joke, Minhee stopped messaging him back.

“I accepted her friend request because we had a couple mutual friends.

As soon as I accepted it, she(?) suddenly started talking about short time and long time. I responded back with a pun that I’m ‘1TYM’ and she stopped respondingㅜ

I should’ve pretended to go along so I could joke around more before sending her off…

These are what get you caught up in things like nude-cam, turning your life to sh*t.

Anyways, I wonder how upset the original owner of the profile photo would feel knowing that their photo is being used for something like this.

I hope everyone like this person dies in the new year.”

— Song Baek Kyoung

함께 아는 친구가 몇 명 보이길래 친구신청을 수락했다..친구가 되자마자 그녀(?)가 대뜸 내게 숏타임 롱타임을 .운운하길래 난 원타임이라고 밝혔더니 더 이상 .아무런 답이 오지 않는다.ㅜ.좀 더 속아주…

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