Psy Announces He Will Release A New Album Next Year

He is ready to get back in the swing of things.

Singer Psy, who recently broadcast his 2019 concert as an SBS year-end special, revealed that he would be returning with new music next year. This special broadcast aired the highlights from his previous All Night Stand concert.

Psy also stated that he didn’t release an album this year because he felt that it would be meaningless to release new music without having any performances.

But regardless of the circumstances, I will release my ninth album next year. It has been two years since we have felt what our daily life used to be like. I hope that next year we can get back what we lost these past two years.

⁠— Psy

Psy is known for his hit tracks, “New Face”, “Gentleman”, “Gangnam Style”, “Daddy” and more. Also known as the king of concerts, many fans are anticipating the day concerts open back to the public again.

Source: sports khan