PSY Can’t Stop Praising The Efforts Of BTS And BLACKPINK And Their Global Domination

PSY has a true respect for all idols!

Recently, ARMYs worldwide went crazy when PSY finally released his latest track, “That That,” which featured BTS‘s Suga. As expected from the two iconic artists, the track was absolutely amazing and the video combined comedy, energy, and storytelling.

PSY and Suga’s MV for “That That” | psyofficial/YouTube
| psyofficial/YouTube 

Yet, despite being a veteran idol and having debuted in 1999, PSY has always embraced his junior idols. In a recent video ahead of the track’s release, PSY explained that he always wants to make his junior artists feel comfortable when they’re working with him.

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It also seems as if, despite his experience, he doesn’t have enough praise for the groups who are spreading the word of K-Pop globally.

During a recent press conference for his new album, PSY spoke about some of the groups in K-Pop. In particular, he spoke about BTS and BLACKPINK and their impact on K-Pop and their differences from him.

Those that have gained popularity in the U.S. like BTS and BLACKPINK, are the opposite of me. For those that rise to fame, I think that permanence and continuity are important, and I think that is great.


The members of BLACKPINK | @BLACKPINK/ Twitter

In particular, he spoke about how BTS achieved an “unfinished” dream of his, which was to be number one on the Billboard Charts, something PSY narrowly missed out on with “Gangnam Style.” BTS became the first Korean artist to get that #1 on the Hot 100.

Yet, despite the disappointment, PSY had nothing but praise and happiness for the group. He even shared his reaction to the achievement and how proud he is of BTS and everything they’ve done.

BTS have achieved a personal unfinished dream of mine, and I remember sending them a big round of applause with my whole body. If they continue as they are doing now, they will become much more, of course they aren’t making music just for the nation’s pride, but I think they will give us a lot of proud moments.


Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

It seems like, despite the language barrier, K-Pop is continuing to spread its wings. PSY explained that even with the likes of BTS and BLACKPINK, it could be difficult.

However, he shared that YouTube was a huge part in helping that and that BTS has thanked PSY for helping to spread K-Pop globally.

I feel very proud that I played a part in that trigger. In fact, my BTS friends have also thanked me about that several times, so I am proud of it.


| @bts_bighit/Twitter

Considering that PSY has been in the industry much longer, his compliments to his junior artists show just how humble he is. Yet, it isn’t the first time he’s praised BTS and he has shown his support for the group on several occasions.

I saw that BTS is very famous overseas. I’m very proud of them and think they are very worthy of that attention. I’m a very unique example of success and so is BTS. In a way, it seems like the artists that people don’t expect these kinds of results from are the ones who experience that sort of unprecedented success.


It is always amazing to hear senior artists praising their juniors and PSY has always had an amazing friendship with other idols. His latest album is full of amazing collaborations and it proves that PSY really is one of the best in K-Pop.

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