PSY Couldn’t Stop Gushing About BTS’s 2018 MAMAs Performance, And Here’s The Touching Reason Why

Legends support legends!

With December just around the corner, it marks a very important date in the K-Pop calendar, and it’s the annual Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Ahead of this year’s ceremony, Mnet has been releasing a documentary about the awards. During the documentary, various idols looked back at some iconic performances over the years and what stood out to them the most.

In the first episode, idols spoke about their experiences at the awards and which idols’ performances stood out the most. One person whose answer caught the attention of netizens was from Psy, who is a legend in his own right when it comes to the awards, and he shared his views on another K-Pop group that is making waves: BTS.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

When talking about the awards, Psy explained that the performances during the event always have the potential to become a hot topic amongst fans, depending on the reactions it gets.

To say it in Korean: the potential to be a hot topic. To say it in English: exposure. It’s always been the case that many performances that became a hot topic that year were born at the MAMAs.

In particular, he spoke about BTS’s performance at the 2018 MAMAs, which is no doubt legendary for so many fans worldwide. However, it also seemed to be significant for Psy and his love for the group.

As I saw BTS’s performance at the 2018 MAMAs, and I said this to them myself when I saw them, that was the moment I became a fan.

— Psy

With their white outfits and powerful performance, it isn’t surprising that Psy fell in love with them. In particular, he shared the two moments from the performance that stood out to him the most.

(V) was in white attire, wearing a cape at first, and took to the stage by walking all the way down the runway. There was also a moment where two of them danced together, and threw flower petals in the air and they did the intro with a Latin vibe. And I thought it was so cool and it made an impression.

— Psy

Both of these moments were very prominent parts of the performance. When V walked up the runway, he emanated main character vibes and showcased his charms and visuals.

Yet, the moment between Suga and J-Hope where they danced together with the flower petals was also magnificent. From the synchronicity to the precision, it created an atmosphere for fans that seemed like a movie.

Over the years, BTS has given ARMYs so many performances that have been deemed legendary. The fact that K-Pop veterans like Psy are also able to share their love and appreciation for BTS shows just how much they’ve worked over the years to ensure that they can produce the best performances.

You can watch BTS’s full 2018 performance below.

Source: Mnet and @ryuminating