PSY And BTS’s Suga Spill On What It Was Really Like Working Together On Their Upcoming Collaboration Track

PSY and Suga are basically BFFs!

It seems like not a day goes by that BTS’s Suga proves just why he is one of the most diverse idols in K-Pop. Whether he’s being BTS’s main rapper, Agust D, or producing songs for other artists, his talents seem neverending, and there doesn’t seem to be a time Suga isn’t working on something.

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On April 26, it was no different as ARMYs worldwide couldnt contain their excitement when it was announced that Suga would be producing the title track for PSY‘s upcoming album.

In a series of tweets through his official Twitter account, PSY shared that the last track on his 9th album, his title track “That That” is produced and features BTS’s Suga.

The artwork for PSY and Suga’s track | @psy_oppa/ Twitter

After the announcement, PSY released videos with the two idols. In the first one, PSY and Suga revealed what it felt like working with someone who was a different age and seniority in K-Pop.

Whereas PSY wanted to ensure he wasn’t someone difficult to approach during this time, Suga explained that he was quite nervous about working with someone with as much experience as PSY.

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In the end, the duo melted hearts by explaining that, despite the 16-year age gap, they became best friends while working on the album.

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On April 27, a new video was posted with PSY and Suga, and it seemed to showcase just how much chemistry the duo had when creating the song. In particular, PSY explained that the song almost seems destined to succeed because “It’s made in a jiff,” which means a short amount of time.

We have a saying in K-Pop, if the song is meant to be a hit, it’s made in a jiff. It was a ‘jiff’ I hadn’t experienced in a long time.


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The idols then showcased that process of creating the track was something so effortless. In particular, PSY described it as a process like “table tennis.”

Suga: We made the guide vocals, and with it, I edited.

PSY: I wrote my part and sent it to Suga, and Suga took it.

Suga: Then I wrote my verse…

PSY: And just like table tennis, we went back and forth with ease.

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The video ended with the idols enforcing the friendship by adding, “We really hit it off.” Even Suga and PSY were shocked by how good their chemistry was when creating the track.

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It seems like ARMYs have found out so much more about the friendship between Suga and PSY and the track. While ARMY initially thought that Suga was just producing the track, the video confirms that it’s a true collaboration with Suga’s vocals being heard.

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