PSY Reveals How BTS’s Suga Inspired Him To Create The Music For His Album

PSY is grateful to him for a lot of things!

PSY is full of praises for BTS‘s Suga, and he even credited him for the push he needed to complete his album!


PSY recently dropped his first album in 5 years titled Psy 9th, with the title track “That That” ft. Suga!

PSY and Suga | P Nation

He held a press conference for his new comeback, and talked about his new album, as well as collaborating with other artists!

| P Nation

During the press conference, PSY revealed that the rest of the songs on his album only came about after he completed the preparations for “That That”, and credited Suga for giving him the push he needed to put out his album!

Many tracks on the album came out naturally following the project with Suga. Because I’m not a professional composer, I don’t have a frequent source of inspiration and often find it hard to write songs if I don’t get the right push.

My relationship with him was the key point in the production of this album.


PSY and Suga share a great synergy together! Listen to their collaborative bop “That That” here!

Source: The Korea Herald