PSY Spills On What Really Happened During His Iconic Meetup With Bestie BTS’s V

“They barely have anyone to ask about that…”

Even though PSY debuted all the way back in 1999, the veteran idol has proven that he’s always the most humble and approachable person in K-Pop. Over the years, junior idols have shared their appreciation for the singer and CEO of P NATION, who has not only made them feel comfortable but is always there for advice.

PSY | @42psy42/Instagram

One group that has recently gained attention for their friendship with PSY is BTS. Member Suga recently produced and collaborated on his latest title track, “That That,” and PSY has been sharing his bond with the members.

In particular, during a recent interview with Billboard, PSY opened up about his friendship with none other than member V.


During the interview, PSY spoke all about his career, the collaborations in his new album, and his status as a true social butterfly. Considering that this is the nickname given to BTS’s V, it isn’t surprising that the two are basically besties.

PSY explained the backstory behind the epic photos taken with V back in 2020. The singer shared that it was all because of his friend, adding, “One time [V] was with someone who was a good friend of mine and passed the phone so we talked.”

PSY (left) with BTS’s V (right) | @42psy42/Instagram

Even though both BTS was already globally renowned, V showcased the true personality that all the members are known for when wanting to meet up with PSY. According to PSY, V wanted to speak to the idol about the music industry.

He said, ‘I really wanted to ask you a lot of things,’ so I was like, ‘Hey, come to my office sometime, let’s talk.’


| @42psy42/Instagram

Yet, despite being surrounded by staff, it seems like the core reason for the visit was for advice. PSY explained that V spoke about their experiences and what they were happy and concerned about, all because the group didn’t feel like they had anyone to talk to about it.

We talked a lot about things like when they do something good and are not satisfied with something; they barely have anyone to ask about that.


Their meeting in 2020 wasn’t the first time PSY and BTS have gained attention for their friendship. Netizens had found endless moments showcasing the bond, particularly with V, including when they were dancing together on SBS’s Inkigayo, and V hugged PSY.

Both PSY and V’s true personalities have been shown through this anecdote. Not only has it cemented PSY’s charming personality, which makes others feel comfortable around him, but it also showcased V’s work ethic. Despite being in one of the biggest groups around, V is always striving to do better and get advice from his seniors.

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Source: Billboard