PSY’s Comment About Roy Kim And Jung Joon Young Resurfaces

“Don’t you have a lot of women?”

PSY‘s past comment about Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young has been resurfacing following news about Roy Kim’s involvement in Jung Joon Young’s illegal hidden camera chatroom.

In 2012, PSY appeared on an episode of the talk show, Taxi, and commented about Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young. PSY was a judge for Superstar K 4 when Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young were contestants.


PSY said he liked Jung Joon Young in particular because he was “psycho”.


Then he proceeded to say that at first, he thought only Jung Joon Young was “crazy”, but that he later found out that Roy Kim was also “crazy”.

Actually at first, I thought only this friend (Jung Joon Young) is crazy but as I found out, this friend here (Roy Kim) was also crazy.



After pointing out that Roy Kim was “crazy”, he asked him if he had a lot of women.

(To Roy Kim,) Don’t you have a lot of women?



Surprised by the question, he quickly said no and began to mumble.


Then he asked Jung Joon Young how things were these days in the club scene. Jung Joon Young calmly replied that he recently visited a night club in Hong Kong and stated that he wants to visit a club in America too.

I went to a place in Hong Kong called Lan Kwai Fong. It was nice. I want to try going to an American club.

ㅡ Jung Joon Young


Watch the full clip below: