PSY’s Concert Criticized As Objectifying Women As Sexual Pleasures, Netizens Are In A Heated Debate

Some claimed it was too sexual while others countered that it was misogynistic.

PSY recently concluding another one of his concerts but netizens are criticizing him for objectifying women as sexual pleasures during a performance.

The segment in question was when the female dancers held a dance battle against the male dancers. During their dance segment, the female dancers stripped off their white shirts to reveal a black bralette underneath.


They then proceeded to continue dancing while pouring water over them as they danced sexily on the stage.


Netizens claimed PSY’s concert was objectifying women as it was indecent of them to dance “provocatively” in a public place.

“Why do they have to dance like that in front of so many people. No, they’re not even seeing women as people…”

“I was seriously shocked by the photos [of their dance]. If you didn’t know it was a performance, it really looks the same as porn.”

“Why are they dancing so provocatively? You’re saying this isn’t an old video but something that’s happening now?”

“Wasn’t the concert’s minimum age starting at 36 months old? Wow…”

— K-Netizens


However, other netizens pointed out that moments before, the male dancers also took off their shirts and danced sexily but no one had a problem with it.


Many claimed they were being sexist and over-reacting about the performance.

“I’m a woman: If you think this is problematic, how do you watch Moulin Rouge or Can Can? There’s a sexy code in all cultures. How do you live if you’re uncomfortable by every single thing?”

“If men take off their shirts and move their chests, people go Kyaaa~~~ If women take off their shirts and wear a bra top, people go Ew pervert~~~ These judgemental women are ridiculous”

“Didn’t the dancers wear it because they wanted to? Why are you attacking PSY?”

“It was a dance battle against the male dancers, and the male dancers ripped off their shirts and danced sexily but why are you giving crap to the female dancers who did the same?”

“Are you sure you’re not judging them with biased eyes? I saw the whole performance and it was just amazing.”

— K-Netizens


PSY has not made a comment about the recent debates, but he successfully concluded his annual end-of-the-year concert tour, selling out multiple shows all around Korea.


Watch the full performance video below:

Source: Top Star News