PSY Criticized For His “2022 SUMMER SWAG” Concert Series

“When the Han River dries up, will you guys take climate change seriously?”

As previously reported, PSY will be returning with his “2022 SUMMER SWAG” concert for the first time in three years.

Psy | @42psy42/Instagram

The concert series will run from July 9 to August 27. The show will reportedly use 300 tons of drinkable water per night throughout the summer concert, which is receiving scorn from netizens.

Korea is currently going through a severe drought, which has severely hindered farming and agricultural developments.

Drought in Korea | Korea Times

Netizens stated the water would be much better used elsewhere, stating, “I wish PSY would donate the water to farmers,” “It wouldn’t be a problem if there wasn’t a drought, but using 300 tons of water is concerning,” and “The whole nation is suffering from a drought, only when the Han River dries up will you guys take climate change seriously.

Water used in a concert | Theqoo

There were netizens who defended the singer stating, “Then shouldn’t water parks and swimming pools all close?” “They are paying for the water; I don’t understand the criticisms,” and “July-August is the monsoon season; shouldn’t we wait until then to see if the drought conditions improve?”

Comment section | Theqoo
  • 1201. This, water parks, and golf courses need to know how serious this drought is… Those defending them are doing so out of ignorance, right? It’s because you don’t know, right?… It really is serious.. ha…
  • 1202. It is good to be concerned about the drought, and if you can conserve, you should. Other singers are doing their part.
  • 1203. I didn’t even think of this. Definitely a good opinion.
  • 1204. If he uses that much water at a time like this, it is obvious he will be criticized. Why are you defending him lol. You guys should take climate change seriously… it’s an existential problem.
  • 1205. Why are you using 300 tons of water while wearing a poncho?
  • 1206. Check the times… cancel it this year.
  • 1207. I hope those defending him starve.
  • 1208. You guys need to starve to understand… We are facing a real food shortage because of the water shortage. Soon, in about a month, something big will happen…
  • 1209. Be aware of current events. What are you doing in a drought?
  • 1210. The whole world is facing a food shortage that is driving up inflation, and Korea is facing a serious drought as well. We need to conserve.
  • 1211. This year’s drought is really serious. I heard farmers are suffering.
Source: Theqoo