PSY and Jessi Are Chaotic Together, But Their Gratitude Towards Each Other Shows Just How Close They Are

Who says you can’t be friends with your boss?

On the last episode of Showterview With JessiPSY appeared as the 95th guest. Throughout the entire episode, PSY and Jessi showed off their relationship through their chaotic and wholesome interactions, proving that their bond goes beyond just CEO and artist.

Right from the start the two started to joke on how awkward it was for the two of them to meet on the show. After all, the roles were reversed there, with Jessi being the “superior” as the host.

| Mobidic/YouTube 

Jessi didn’t hesitate to play around and speak informally, although it was hard for her to continue because she couldn’t help but feel bad. Understandable, since for most of their relationship PSY has been either her senior in the industry or her boss.

Jessi and PSY shared how they’re usually all-natural when they hang out, so it felt a little unreal seeing each other so well dressed. This goes to show how close they are as co-workers and friends, as they are so comfortable around each other that they have nothing to hide, whether in appearance or personality.

Jessi went on to explain her gratefulness to PSY appearing on her show, because she wanted others to know another side of his personality besides his artist and CEO side. In classic Showterview fashion, she showed her appreciation through a blunt remark that made the studio erupt in laughter.

Jessi also remarked on how she had admired PSY even when she was unknown back when “Gangnam Style” was playing everywhere around the US.

At one point of the interview, PSY recounted of how he had always thought that he’d have the most fun as the artist, PSY, but upon the release of “Nunu Nana,” he found another kind of happiness as a CEO and as a producer that he believed would one day become his greatest happiness.

Of course, as another classic Showterview gag, he was immediately tested with a lie detector to see if his words were true.

Jokes aside, PSY was sincere in expressing his thankfulness towards Jessi, as she was the first to trust him as a CEO and not just as an artist.

Jessi shared her gratitude towards PSY as well, as with P Nation she was able to experience success and happiness.

With his new album, PSY showed how much he appreciated Jessi as an artist as he had asked her to feature in one of his songs, saying there was no one else but her who could take the part.

At the end of the interview with PSY, he expressed how proud he was of Jessi and her growth as an MC and as an artist.