PSY Showers Jessi With Unending Support During Filming For “What Type Of X” Music Video

Gotta love their close friendship!

Jessi may be an artist under PSY‘s company, P Nation, but their friendship goes beyond business!

| @jessicah_o/Instagram

PSY showed his active support for Jessi’s latest single, “What Type Of X,” by watching over her from the beginning until the end of the music video filming. She revealed in the video that he had expressed faith in her and her song, relieving some of the pressure she felt.

To tell you the truth, I’ve been under a lot of pressure since ‘NUNA NUNA’ was such a success, but PSY ensured me ‘What Type Of X’ will be a hit. I put a lot of trust in him, and he has been very supportive by being by my side throughout the entire music video shoot.

— Jessi

The video then cut to Jessi reviewing a dance move and PSY helping her with it by suggesting that she place more weight on her toes. “Put weight on your toes.

As expected of PSY, he easily livened up the atmosphere by dancing in an exaggerated manner!

When it was finally time to shoot the choreography, PSY shouted hyped words of support from the sidelines. “Shake those legs!

Afterwards, Jessi immediately ran to where PSY was. PSY gave her some hilarious, atypical praise, saying, “So good, like a real dog—an actual dog.

Without missing a beat, Jessi responded by imitating a dog’s actions. They’re obviously on the same wavelength!

After they wrapped up filming for the music video, PSY was seen clapping his hands for Jessi, pride written on his face.

It’s heartwarming to see just how close PSY and Jessi are! In a recent Instagram post, PSY even joined her in dancing to the point dance of “What Type Of X.” Jessi captioned it, “When your boss is going in harder than you.

See their close friendship for yourself in the full video below!

Source: Jessi