PSY Leaves YG Entertainment, YG Responds With A Statement

PSY and YG parted ways amicably.

It’s been confirmed that PSY parted ways from YG Entertainment, after his exclusive contract expired. YG Entertainment responded with a statement explaining that they came to the conclusion after discussing about his contract for a long time.

Although PSY’s future plans have yet to be announced, YG emphasized that PSY and YG Entertainment ended on good terms. They vowed to continue cheering each other on in the future.

PSY has been with YG Entertainment since 2010, where he released some of his most popular songs like “GANGNAM STYLE”, “GENTLEMAN” and more.

“We would like to announce that YG Entertainment has decided to end its exclusive contract with PSY.

After a deep discussion with PSY, YG has decided to respect his desire for new challenges. YG and PSY have been together for over the past 8 years through a special, faithful relationship.

After putting our all into supporting PSY’s overflowing energy and passion for music, we were able to share the excitement of ‘GANGNAM STYLE’ and its global popularity.

Regardless of an exclusive contract, the strong relationship between YG and PS will last forever.

We support and hope the best for PSY’s amazing new challenges.

We’d also like to thank the fans and everyone who loved PSY as a YG artist.”

— YG Entertainment

Source: SE Daily