PSY makes double appearance in Top 10 most viewed YouTube videos

For YouTube’s 10th anniversary, the website created a list of the TOP10 most viewed videos to date with PSY making two appearances.

At first, PSY’s music was not generally known to those unfamiliar with Korean music. However, upon the release of his track “Gangnam Style” in 2012, his song became viral in America. Not only were K-pop fans listening to this song, but listeners from all around the world became acquainted with it as well.

The views for “Gangnam Style” rapidly increased and the music video now holds the #1 spot of most viewed YouTube videos of all time with over 2.2 billion views. Following this success, PSY released “Gentleman” in 2013.

This time, many were anticipating what PSY had in store for them after seeing the hilarious antics in “Gangnam Style.””Gentleman” currently is ranked #10 in most viewed videos with 796.5 million views.

While not breaking into the list’s TOP10, PSY’s most recent track featuring Snoop Dogg “Hangover” was still crowned to be YouTube’s #1 most viewed video of 2014 with 178 million views.

Source: Hollywood Reporter