PSY Applauds BTS’s Suga For His Utmost Professionalism While Preparing For Their Collaboration

Suga was super impressive, according to PSY!

PSY recently dropped his latest comeback with BTS‘s Suga, and he couldn’t help but gush over how much Suga impressed him with his professionalism!


PSY recently made his first comeback in 5 years with the album Psy 9th with the accompanying title track “That That” ft. BTS’s Suga!

PSY and Suga | P Nation

He held a showcase for his comeback, where he talked about collaborating with Suga, and his reaction to finding out about his new collab partner for his comeback!

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At the showcase, while talking about Suga, PSY spoke fondly of him, and praised his professionalism despite the cold weather!

Suga dedicated so much time and effort to bring ‘That That’ to life. When we were shooting a music video in Incheon in March, it was very cold and windy, but he still strived to film the best scenes.

Thanks to this collaboration, I could walk down memory lane as well. Seeing how passionate he was and how much he loved music, I naturally recalled my bygone days and pushed myself to work hard like I did in the past.


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Suga is truly a top professional! Watch him feature and star in PSY’s latest comeback MV for “That That” here!

Source: The Korea Times