PSY reported to have been involved in a car accident in China

PSY is set to have been involved in a car accident as his car collided with a bus while in Hangzhou, China. 

According to reports on July 16th, PSY was in his red Rolls-Royce when it hit a bus at a junction in Hangzhou, China at around three in the afternoon.

A report from Hangzhou Traffic Police revealed that the bus driver reported the incident and made an agreement with the owner of the car for compensation purposes. The incident, although described to be a simple one, eventually became a hot topic locally after it was belatedly found out that the singer was in the car when it happened.

PSY was said to be on his way from the airport to his hotel when the accident happened with no casualties reported. He was eventually picked by another car which was part of his convoy before heading to his personal schedules.

The “Gangnam Style” hitmaker was in the country to hold a special performance at a bar opening at midnight of July 17th.

Source: TVReport