PSY reportedly making a comeback in September before iKON’s debut

More comeback news from YG Entertainment revealed PSY will be the next lined-up to return with a new music release this September.

According to a music industry insider on July 28th, PSY is scheduled to make a comeback in September – that’s after BIGBANG‘s August comeback and before iKON‘s debut.

It was further reported by OSEN that PSY is hoping to return as an enthusiastic and energetic artist that he has always been known as and not the “World Star,” a status he gained after “Gangnam Style” went viral worldwide.

Yang Hyun Suk, CEO and producer of YG Entertainment, was quoted saying, “In the past two years, PSY has been confused about his identity as an artist, whether he’s a Korean singer or an American singer. ‘Gentleman’ and ‘Hangover’ were released after ‘Gangnam Style’ and were aimed at a Korean and American audience, but unfortunately, did not reflect the unique side of PSY.”

Agreeing with Yang Hyun Suk, PSY is returning on focusing on what he does best and instead of focusing on worldwide success, will be concentrating on performing for a Korean audience.

Source: OSEN