PSY Revealed The Touching Messages Exchanged Between Him And HyunA Regarding Her Comeback

Who else is excited about HyunA’s comeback?

On January 8, PSY took to Instagram to showcase HyunA‘s excitement towards her upcoming comeback that was just announced.

PSY posted the adorable text messages sent between him and Hyuna and fans are loving the relationship between the two artists.

HyunA expressed her gratitude to PSY as she is a part of his record label P Nation.

Thank you very much.

— HyunA

PSY then texted back with a simple reply.

I just thought of it a moment ago.


HyunA couldn’t hide her emotions and excitement for her comeback and it’s absolutely adorable.

 I like it so much.

Can I cry because I’m so excited?

— HyunA

PSY replied that he wasn’t been able to recall HyunA reacting to something like this in a while.

 It’s been so long since you’ve been so excited that you will cry.

—  PSY

| @hyunah_aa/Instagram

Fans could cry along with HyunA as they have been waiting a long time for her comeback. HyunA initially tried to have a comeback at the end of August last year. Unfortunately, the comeback was delayed due to a recurrence of some personal health issues she was facing. At the time, HyunA apologized, saying, “I am very sorry for not keeping my promise.

| @hyunah_aa/Instagram

K-Pop fans are glad to know HyunA is happy and healthy once again and that she can finally return to the stage!

Source: Nate