PSY Shocks Netizens With A Dramatic Transformation After His Recent Weight Loss

PSY even replied to those who weren’t a fan of the transformation!

PSY is one of the biggest Korean stars in the world and is known not only by K-Pop fans but basically everyone in the world after the release of some huge hits that went global.

Recently, PSY has gained attention for his dramatic weight loss, according to netizens.

K-Pop artist PSY | @42psy42/Instagram

PSY is a veteran in the industry. From going global with his hit track “Gangnam Style” to collaborating with some of the biggest idols, including BTS‘s Suga, the star is always a hot topic amongst netizens.

PSY’s “Gangnam Style” video | officialpsy/YouTube
PSY’s song “That That” with BTS’s Suga | officialpsy/YouTube

Even on Instagram, PSY is never afraid to share photos and videos of himself, whether from a performance, promoting music, or even a selfie.

PSY has also become the “King” of TikTok and attracts millions of views on his various videos, following the hottest trends on the app. Recently, the idol shared an old but gold trend on his account…


#띵띵땅땅 #SeeTinh

♬ See Tình – Cukak Remix – Cukak & Hoàng Thùy Linh

Yet, while international netizens were obsessed with PSY’s dancing, Korean netizens focused on the veteran star’s image. PSY posted the same reel on Instagram a few days ago.

In the comments, many netizens and those working with the idol shared their worries for PSY’s health. They must’ve stood out amongst the stream of comments as PSY replied to them, trying to ease their worries.

| Wikitree

Comment: Oppa! Are you not taking care of yourself? It seems you wore fancy clothes so we don’t concentrate on your figure but please start taking care (of your weight).

PSY: I am sorry.

| Wikitree

Comment: For celebrities, self-care is most important, so you don’t have the right (to be a celebrity). Why did you belly shrink?

PSY: I am sorry.

| Wikitree

Comment: Hyung did your appetite run away? Are you not going to hold the Waterbomb (concert)?”

Comment: Ha… It’s weird but you’re so charming…

| Wikitree

Comment: Sigh… Hyung hurry up and eat a bowl of rice with soup and drink soju, you’re figure… is not up to par.

PSY: I’m sorry.

While there is no doubt that PSY looks great for his age and must be taking care of himself, it’s not surprising that netizens are shocked and worried about the sudden change in appearance.

Source: Wikitree


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