PSY’s Song “Hangover” Featured In Scene From “Black Panther”

PSY’s taking over the Marvel Universe!

Marvel‘s “Black Panther” is the movie everyone’s talking about for many reasons. One of it being its culturally varied soundtrack that includes hip hop, African beats, and PSY!


Set in the Avengers universe, the movie officially introduces T’Challa, the prince of the fictional African country Wakanda, and his struggle to keep his people safe from outsiders intent on stealing the valuable metal that powers the land.


While the film is set in Wakanda, the action moves to Busan in South Korea in a scene that pays homage to K-Pop with PSY‘s “Hangover.

Image: Marvel Studios


The movie’s official soundtrack includes the entire song, which features Snoop Dogg and G-Dragon with a mix of English and Korean lyrics.

The MV is a salute to Korea, featuring soju, karaoke, bathhouses, and CL!


The song was actually released in 2014 but it’s regaining popularity because of its use in the movie.


Source: Billboard