Psy Staying Silent On His Father-In-Law’s Potential Involvement With Shincheonji Church

He’s keeping his lips sealed

The Shincheonji Church has come into the spotlight in recent months due to its connection to the coronavirus outbreak in South Korea. Because of this, many of its members aren’t admitting to being a member of the church – which many have called a cult due to its practices and beliefs – in order to avoid hate and prosecution.

In recent news, a media outlet reported that Psy‘s father-in-law has connections to Lee Man Hee, the founding father of the Shincheonji Church. The rumors say that his father-in-law is a mentor to the founder, as well as a sect chief of the church.

There have been no confirmations whether or not this is true. Psy has chosen to remain silent on the matter, and his representatives have stated that the entertainer has no remarks to give on the situation.

Some netizens are skeptical of his lack of comment, and are even declaring that it’s evidence that his father-in-law is, indeed, involved. Others, however, believe that whatever the man does doesn’t concern Psy.

“By not denying it, they’re admitting that his father-in-law is Lee Man Hee’s disciple.” 

“He is all the time in a scandal…”

“Leave psy alone it’s not his fault what his father in law does”

Only time may tell what the truth of the matter is.