PSY Tends To Work Mostly With Younger Artists, Here’s Why

He revealed the reason behind his collabs with trendy artists!

Throughout his career, PSY has been known to collaborate with some of the hottest artists in K-Pop!


From HyunA for “Gangnam Style”…

…to Brown Eyed GirlsGain for “Gentlemen”…

…and Son Naeun for “New Face”, he always works with fresh new talent, and creates artistic masterpieces!

And for his new comeback, PSY enlisted the help of BTS‘s Suga to produce, feature, and star in the MV for his new song, “That That”!

PSY and Suga | P Nation

He also held a press conference for his comeback, where he revealed the reason behind why he always collaborates with younger artists for his music! PSY revealed that as a veteran artist, he believes he should work with new talent so that he’s able to deliver the best music he can, no matter how old he grows!

The best thing was that I could work and interact with younger singers with great musical prowess. Although we had a pretty big age gap, we still managed to work in harmony and create great synergy.

I believe a singer like me should be wary of going old school and resting on my laurels, and one way to prevent this is to partner with younger musicians, who can share their energy and vibe with me.


Jessi and PSY | P Nation

For his new album, PSY has also worked with MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa, Suzy, Jessi, Crush, and BTS’s Suga! Listen to his new song, “That That” here!

Source: The Korea Times