PSY wins two-year court case with his tenant

Media reports reveal that PSY has won his ongoing court case with his tenant.

On August 13th, the Seoul Western District Court ruled in PSY and his wife’s favor regarding his building located in Seoul. The court case emerged originally when there was a physical altercation between PSY’s side and the tenant’s side in the building.

The YG Entertainment artist originally purchased the building back in 2012 knowing that there was a problem with the tenant in an ongoing court case. The previous owner of the building won the court case in 2013 in which the tenant was ordered to leave the premise. However, the court decision became null resulting in PSY having to take over the court case as the new owner of the building.

After two long years, the Seoul Western District Court finally ruled in favor of PSY and ordered the tenant to leave both the fifth and sixth floors of the building and compensate both PSY and his wife around 61,000 USD in total.

Netizens were relieved upon hearing this news:

[+2046, -35] I’m glad PSY won the court case. If the building owner were a civilian, they could have forced the demolition to happen and it would have ended. The tenant was just trying to take advantage of his celebrity status.

[+1476, -28] I guess PSY took some damage due to the new tenant. I guess the tenant made money for the last two years.

[+1189, -32] I feel bad for PSY for going through such hard time here and there

Source: Star NewsComments: Star News vis Naver