PSY Reveals “Gangnam Style” Wouldn’t Have Existed Without Yang Hyun Suk

PSY revealed that he had no plans to create “Gangnam Style” before Yang Hyun Suk convinced him otherwise.

He was actually planning to retire right before “Gangnam Style”.

He originally signed to YG Entertainment thinking he could steadily close out his career.

“I thought joining a big company like YG would be a good place for me to receive a regular incentive, just big enough to support my family.”


But Yang Hyun Suk convinced him to try one last time.

“Truthfully, I was set on retiring before ‘Gangnam Style’. But Yang Hyun Suk told me, ‘Try one more time just for fun. You started this [career] to have fun.'”


Thanks to YG, PSY had the courage to create “Gangnam Style”.

And it became the biggest hit in all of K-Pop!

PSY breaks YouTube view counter with “Gangnam Style”

Since then, he put out 2 more albums that all hit #1 on numerous charts.

And he certainly isn’t retiring anytime soon!

PSY credits his major turning point in life to Yang Hyun Suk.

“I listened to [Yang Hyun Suk], and I was able to come this far. That man is very amazing.”


Source: isplus