Abused Golden Retriever Puppy Found With Mouth Cut Like “Joker”

Warning: contains graphic text and images.

An abused Golden Retriever puppy whose mouth had been cut up to near her mouth has been reported and rescued by an animal protection organization.


The puppy, who was only 6 months old, had evidently been tortured and abused by its owner.


She could not properly walk with her paws, which were infected, and her toes were broken as if someone had struck it with something.


Her legs had signs of being torched…


And because her mouth was tied closed, inside her mouth was filled with infection and repeated scars.


Most noticeably, however, her mouth had been cut or scorched along both sides of her cheeks.


Whoever had done this to the puppy had done sowith malicious intent.


The rescuers have stated that despite the abuse she received, she still loved people and wagged her tail when she was called.


Netizens who have come upon the story were furious and disappointed at how one could do such things to an animal.

Source: Facebook
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